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Expert Tree & Stump Removal

Clear unwanted or obstructive trees from your property with the expert tree and stump removal services of Lehigh Valley Tree Service in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA. We remove full trees, shrubs, and their stumps to improve the appearance of a yard or to clear land space for landscaping or building.
Man with chainsaw cutting the tree, Expert Tree & Stump Removal in Breinigsville PA
Pile Of Lumber, Expert Tree & Stump Removal in Breinigsville PA
Lumbers, Expert Tree & Stump Removal in Breinigsville PA

Stump Removal

You can finally get rid of that unsightly old tree stump. We will either dig and pull up the stumps and roots, or we use a stump grinder to grind them down. This can be done with both old and fresh tree stumps. We will completely remove the hazardous stump and can fill the space at your request.
Man cutting up tree, Tree Service in Allentown PA

Lot Clearing

Clear your lot for new construction quickly and efficiently. We come fully equipped to remove large numbers of trees in forested areas. Once we haul them away, the land will be ready for the next step of your project. We clear complete lots for residential or commercial build.